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"Up and running with one command"

It is our mission to make building and operating modern data platforms as easy as possible through open source products and modern DevOps concepts.

To do this, we make really good software, by everyone, for everyone. We are driven by a passion for open source, big data and analytics and are always curious about the latest technologies. With our software, we want to combine the best Big Data products with current DevOps concepts. That's why we're looking for bright minds, tinkerers and developers to accompany us on this journey. Sounds good to you? Then join our team and work with us to make the open source world turn a little bit faster.

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What makes our application process different? Above all, we want to learn a lot about you - and that's why we're on a first-name basis. We also want to make it as easy as possible for you to become part of our team. Simply send us your documents using the form below each job ad. The location where you will work is not important to us, but that you share our values and our enthusiasm. That's why the application process and your onboarding will take place remotely - but by no means impersonally.

If you have any questions about the application process or the advertised positions, you can contact our recruiting team recruiting@stackable.de at any time.

We are looking forward to your application!

As a start-up, we live an open, communicative corporate culture and a very collegial, cooperative partnership with short decision-making paths - among ourselves as well as towards our customers and partners.

We offer you exciting tasks with great creative freedom. This is the only way we can develop together: You as a person and employee and we as a team and company.

Here you can find all our current job offers.

No suitable position listed? We are always open to new ideas and look forward to hearing from your intiative application.

Start-Up culture

» Cool colleagues

» Open doors and ears

» Short paths

» Quick decisions

» Continuous learning and improvement

» Lots of fun at work

Technology focus

» Try out new technology

» Software development with engineering culture

» Blog posts and technical publications

» Close exchange with the open source community

Trust & responsibility

» Agile ways of working

» Self-organised teams

» Co-designing and co-deciding

» Mentoring for the start

» No hierarchies

Flexible work

» Working full or part time

» Flexible working hours

» Home office

» Special leave vacation

» Sabbaticals


» We value you and your work

» Your individual strengths are in demand

» Everyone is allowed to make mistakes


» Free choice of laptop and operating system

» Monitor for home office

» Smartphone (also for private use)

Lifelong learning

» Mentor for your first steps

» Internal knowledge transfer

» Conference visits

» Training courses

» Certifications

Company pension scheme

» Company pension allowance

Bicycle lease

» Get a bicycle lease

Jim | Big Data Architect

Why did you decide to become part of the Stackable team?

I love being able to make a difference and build something new. Coupled with the unique start-up culture at Stackable, this creates an exciting and innovative environment where I really enjoy working.

What does working at Stackable mean to you?

I'm excited about how technology-driven Stackable is: We have the best open source products available for our work, which gives us an incredible amount of possibilities.

What do you think makes up the Stackable culture?

The shared enthusiasm for the topics we work on and the open culture - both in terms of the open source approach of our products and the cooperation and respect towards other products.

How would you describe the collaboration at Stackable?

At Stackable, we are people who like to make things happen independently and who want to create great things together as a team. Accordingly, the collaboration is characterized by autonomy and respect, but also teamwork and mutual respect. Instead of a "burn-out culture", the focus is on passion and fun in what we do.

What do you think our customers value about Stackable and the whole team?

Many of the people involved in Stackable have been in the market for many years and have built up a corresponding network. I think both customers and partners as well as market companions know about this expertise and experience and appreciate it very much.

Razvan | Senior Big Data Engineer

Why did you decide to become part of the Stackable team?

Mainly because I knew that I could work on future technologies here together with excellent people. Well, fortunately both of these things have come true. 😉

What does working at Stackable mean to you?

The work at Stackable is challenging and diverse. It requires flexibility, but also the ability to dive deep into new topics and technologies. It encourages personal development to a great extent, which has always been important to me in my work.

What do you think makes up the Stackable culture?

Fundamental principles such as transparency, self-responsibility and social aspects are more relevant today than ever and have been lived and developed by the open source community for decades. Stackable stands for 100% open source and therefore also for these core values.

How would you describe the collaboration at Stackable?

We work completely remotely, partly goal-oriented and customer-focused, partly unconventional. There is a friendly and relaxed atmosphere among colleagues with mutual trust and support. I especially appreciate the high degree of freedom and the conviction that results are often more important than strict processes.

What do you think our customers value about Stackable and the whole team?

I believe it's the combination: transparent products that provide solutions to business challenges - all without vendor lock-in and supported by a competent, friendly and efficient team.

Andrew | Big Data Architect

Why did you decide to become part of the Stackable team?

My two previous positions were in consulting and Industrial IoT product development. At Stackable, I now have the opportunity to combine the positive aspects of both areas. For me, Stackable is an innovative startup with a clear vision of where we want to go and what the market needs.

What do you think makes up the Stackable culture?

Stackable is dynamic and fast paced - in a relaxed and personable way :)

How would you describe the collaboration at Stackable?

The team are invariably supportive, professional and extremely helpful. Changing jobs doesn't get easier the older you get. At my age of 50+ it was a very smooth transition!

What do you think our customers value about Stackable and the whole team?

I'm still new to the company so I'm still learning the general approach with customers, but it's already clear that our transparency and openness are very much appreciated.

How do you describe your responsibilities at Stackable to your family/friends in one sentence?

I'll say that I work for a startup that wants to simplify and expand the use of cloud services in the Big Data space.

What do you like about your role at Stackable?

The disciplined flexibility in terms of when, how and what you can work on.

What three words would you use to describe Stackable?

challenging, encouraging, supporting

We are convinced that everyone in our team does great work, regardless of who is currently located where. That's why we consistently work "remote first", which is how we were able to recruit outstanding experts for our team beyond Germany's borders very early on.

Working remotely doesn't stop us from being in touch with each other, though: We meet daily in virtual space, communicate via various channels and regularly organize virtual and face-to-face team events. For business meetings - whether among ourselves or with our clients and partners - we can use office space at six locations in Germany.

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